Featured: Tegra-Powered HTC One X getting Jelly Bean in Europe

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Yesterday we told you about those lucky One X owners in Singapore and Taiwan that were getting Android 4.1. Well now HTC is rolling the update out to users in Europe as well. The update includes Android 4.1 -Jelly Bean and Sense 4+. So you’ll be getting all the goodies that come with Android 4.1 including:

  • Expandable Notifications
  • Google Now
  • Project Butter
  • And more…

Users have confirmed the update to be Android 4.1.2, and weighs in at about 352.87MB. As far enhancements and changes to Sense 4+, we’ve got:

  • new skins for the UI
  • infinitely looping home screens
  • theming/tweaking options for the SMS app
  • automatic SMS forwarding to email options
  • password protected SMS inbox
  • better battery life
  • and more…

Overall it’s a pretty big update, and those that are still on stock will love this update. So go ahead and go into Settings, and tap About phone, and check for updates. If it doesn’t pull down the OTA, you can try the following method:

  1. Go into Settings
  2. Tap Apps
  3. Swipe over to ‘All’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Google Services Framework’ and select it
  5. Hit ‘Clear Data’
  6. Then try and pull down the update again

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to wait for HTC to push it to your device, unless you can find an update.zip somewhere on the interwebs. So congrats to HTC One X owners in Europe and Asia, for getting some Jelly Bean love. Let us know how you’re liking the update in the comments.

Source: XDA-Developers