Featured: T-Mobile Teases Launch Of MOGA Gamepad With The Launch Of The Note 2

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The Galaxy Note II Press Release was just this past Monday. Pretty exciting stuff. I’ve been saying it all along… why did we pick up the Note, when the Note II was right around the corner? Waste of time. Somebody has no idea how hard it is to try to sell an old device when the new “replacement” is literally on its way and when the people know it. Thankfully that’s all behind us and we can just look forward to the Note II’s release here soon. Oh… but wait, what’s this? The MOGA is Launching with the Note II? That’s right. Spotted on the change to the press release notes  for the Note II ( no pun intended I swear. I wouldn’t do that to you guys. Ok I would, but not this time.) which were posted in a tweet from T-Mobile at just before 1pm yesterday. I reported a few days ago that the MOGA gamepad was available for pre-orders through a number of video game related retailers and outlets and made one tiny mention of the fact that T-Mobile would be one of those retailers come next month.

It seems that T-Mobile is starting to realize that gaming is a huge part of the mobile industry now and with phones like the Galaxy Note II upon us with all that screen and gaming power behind it, maybe a partner launch and promotion is in order. Yes. Finally, good move T-Mobile. Someone in the higher-ups actually knows and understands their customers and demographics. Here is a very interesting part of the press release notes that caught my attention, which basically outlines the partner launch of the MOGA and The Note II.

Only T-Mobile Galaxy Note II customers will have access to an exciting new racing game preloaded on the device, which will include three free levels. In addition, T-Mobile’s exclusive version of the racing game will be optimized to interact with a MOGAâ„¢ Mobile Gaming System, bringing an immersive, console-quality gaming experience to the palms of T-Mobile customers’ hands.”

Pretty awesome to know that if you purchase a Note II and the MOGA gamepad, you will get special treatment. Now take a look at the image with the Note II attached to the MOGA gamepad. It just seems right doesn’t it? I think so. Bigger phone and tablet displays are certainly ideal for the gaming crowd especially, but sometimes holding devices like that in your hand just don’t optimize the feel of controlling things in the game. Enter a gamepad. A gamepad on a mission. To deliver the best possible gaming experience to those of us that crave on the go entertainment and digital pleasure in the form of video games. Get your minds out of the gutter I know what you were all thinking had I not specified myself. Sheesh… As I was saying, BEHOLD! The MOGA.

What do you guys think? Are there any T-Mobile customers that are planning on upgrading to a Note II? And if so, were you planning on using it for gaming as one of the main functions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.