Featured: T-Mobile Schedules an Event for October 29th, Going to be a Busy Day

October 19, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The next two weeks are going to be absolutely insane. And we love it! On October 24th, Samsung is holding a Galaxy Note 2 event in New York City. Then on October 29th, Google is holding an event in New York City to introduce what we believe is the next version of Android, Android 4.2, and some cool new Nexus devices for us to throw money at Google for. Then later on in the evening on October 29th, we’ve got T-Mobile showing off their new devices.

So what does T-Mobile have to show us? Well we don’t really know yet. We do know that it’ll be some Android devices around, but probably mostly Windows 8 devices. Especially since Windows 8 is launching on October 26th. So far we know the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Optimus L9 is coming to T-Mobile, other than that, not to much in the world of Android devices coming to T-Mobile that we know of.

Either way we’ll have to wait until October 29th to see what exactly T-Mobile has up its’ sleeves. We know there will be some awesome stuff there. Any speculation on what T-Mobile’s going to show us? We can pretty much guarantee some HTC and Nokia Windows 8 phones, LG Optimus L9 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but what else?