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Yes, that is correct folks T-Mobile says that once they get their LTE network it will put them on top of even the greatest! T-Mobile has yet to get the popular growing LTE network, but claims it should be rolling out by next year. Who here in the Android Community is excited? If so, that is great! I don't hear about too many folks in the region of Green Bay, Wisconsin using T-Mobile. The ranks here are:

  1. Cellcom
  2. Sprint
  3. Verizon
  4. US Cellular

Now don't get me wrong, I've had both US Cellular and Cellcom and I never had any problems with their networks, but that was before I started really getting into Android, and thus needed a place where I could root my phone "in peace" so to say, but also have an abundance in forums to help support my rooting abilities.

Back to the topic at hand. T-Mobile and it's 'awesome' LTE it will be producing. We've all seen the news of them merging with MetroPCS which will more than likely add some resources their way. What resource am I speaking of? Why mobile spectrum of course! Not to mention MectroPCS "sits in many of T-Mobile's key cities."

The merge with MetroPCS will give T-Mobile more room to grow. It will enhance download speeds, service, and most of all give a larger region for 'traffic.' MetroPCS knew that the mobile spectrum was an issue that could bring the business down, at which first an offer to merge with AT&T was first looked at. However, they didn't feel the offer had a 'opmtistic perspective' so decided it would better to consider the offer with T-Mobile.


T-Mobile is obviously a bit behind, but the merger would help alleviate some of that by 'doubling the capacity.' Verizon is still on top with 417 active LTE networks with AT&T and Sprint hot on their trails. T-Mobile's goal is to "reach 200 million" by the end of 2013. Wow, that a big number for just one year, do you think they can make it?

An interesting fact is that with T-Mobile and MetroPCS combined their "spectrum position in New York exceeds that of every carrier, with Verizon being the closest." What do we think about that folks? It could be possible, but is the mobile spectrum any good is my question. They may have loads, but the quality and specs is what I'd like to hear about.

There has been no news on the quality of the LTE network that is soon to come, nor was a price quoted either. Critics are wondering if this could be a repeat of the Sprint and Nextel case. It would seem that T-Mobile is very confident that this will not happen, and things will go great once they get rid of MetroPCS' CDMA network  and get everyone one central network. The goal of this is set for 2014 so no one freak out! However, antennas will be kept live to help in aiding network coverage. I found this statement in regards to T-Mobile to be the most entertaining though:


"In particular, the company recently started a campaign to bring unlocked iPhones on to its network."

I'll just leave it at that for now, as it could be a whole other story in itself 🙂

There are lots of possibilities being thrown out there pertaining not only to this merger, but in regards to the LTE network as well. It is a deal that in the end is supposed to allow for a variety of devices. So we shall have to wait and see what becomes of the T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger and if they can deliver this 'GREAT' LTE they speak of.



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