Featured: Studies Show Half of Americans Own a Smartphone or a Tablet


Does the title surprise you? Well, it shouldn't surprise anyone! It's the new generation, and this generation has all kinds of gadgets and do hickies! Ha, Ha, that reminded me of the cartoon show, Inspector Gadget, "Go, Go Gadget Arm!" I happen to watch that in my childhood, anyways back to the story here. A study was recently conducted that proved that half of U.S. citizens own a smartphone, a tablet, or both! I happen to be one that owns both, and I wish I had more.

The study was conducted through the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence. Catchy name for a research facility. So I must report the statistic that stood out to me! In 2011 it was shown that 81% of tablets were indeed the iPad. However, this year the number of iPads has dropped to 51%, forgive me while I sport my evil grin. The next portion goes to the Kindle fire with 21% and Android at 48%. Android has been creeping up on Apple for quite some time now, and one day it just may outshine Apple.  Of course, should that happen, I smell the possibility of  a lawsuit coming on.

The statistics for users has almost doubled in size from 11% to 22% in 2011. Smartphone statistics have increased as well. They started around 34% and rose to 44%, which is a 9% percent increase.

Americans spend on average of 90 minutes a day on tablet of some brand. That's a pretty big chunk of time to be on a device, or at least some of the older generation may thing so. No, I'm not knocking the older generation either, I just love technology, and I love when it advances. When I can go to my son's football game and notice all the parents using such technology it makes me smile. I have yet to get my parents use to a computer let along a smartphone.

This studies shows pretty big increases in numbers within just a year's time. What does this mean? It means that technology is advancing, but so are the people. This is a good thing to see, the better people are with technology the more reason they have to keep creating more better, sleeker devices! At least that is the way I look at it.  So let's keep building up those statistics! We live in a world of technology, let's not forget it.


Sources: Network World

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