Featured: Steve Wozniak Wants iTunes on Android; We Won't be Holding Our Breath


Steve Wozniak, the man who founded Apple alongside Steve Jobs and co. was the man behind all the technology in the beginning. Without Wozniak, there would be no Apple today because, without him they'd have never had any computers to sell in the first place. He's quite the character and has been outspoken on Apple in the past – he's certainly someone to tell it how it is. Which is what makes the guy so special. For a long time he's had one foot in Android land and the other in iOS land. Wozniak is the type who genuinely likes all good technology, no matter what, as long as it's good that's all he needs. We respect that. However, we're not so sure on his latest crazy idea. iTunes for Android. He had this to say in a full-on discussion with Slashdot:

 "If you remember, we ported iTunes to Windows. We now addressed 100% of the world's market with this integrated system (iPod/iTunes) and it began the era of Apple that we are now in. So why don't we port iTunes to Android? Did something get closed up? I love Apple products and iTunes and wish it were on my Android products too." 

This is certainly admirable of Woz to suggest that Apple should bring it to Android but, let's face it, it'll never happen. Something did get closed up – Apple's minds. That might be a little extreme but when you really think about it, Apple have moved their camp farther and farther away from the rest of the tech world for years now. If you stand atop the Google campus, you'll barely see them. Apple are a hugely successful company and have the power to change the industry for the better but, instead they'd rather go it alone and work with as a few members of the industry as possible. Apple have absolutely no reason to port iTunes to Android and they're never going to. Besides, I'm fairly certain that all the big money labels would basically tell them to forget it.


Another thing here is, do we really need it? I'm sure those out there that own an iPad and an Android phone – shame on you! – will say that we do but, if it were to come to our door, the Play Store would never get any better. iTunes would bring us good music sure but, Play Music isn't exactly empty and you can be sure content providers will have a problem with iTunes' movies and TV coming to another platform. Google Play is just fine and quite frankly, it needs to prove itself and get better on its own so, Apple, you can keep iTunes for as long as you want.

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