Featured: Sprint wants to bid on MetroPCS as well, T-Mobile deal not quite finalized

October 4, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Just 24 hours after T-Mobile and MetroPCS announced the reverse merger of the two carriers. We had also heard over this past weekend that Sprint and Dish were also looking to purchase MetroPCS. Sprint is looking to place another bid to the fifth largest wireless carrier, MetroPCS. So of course it’ll be larger than what T-Mobile was offering MetroPCS. But other than that we don’t have much information on this.

Currently, T-Mobile’s price was $1.5 Million to acquire MetroPCS. Sprint is prepared to pay much more than that, but T-Mobile is reportedly not going to back down. So this could quickly turn into a bidding war between T-Mobile and Sprint who are both trying to establish their place behind AT&T and Verizon, and perhaps even pass them up. Hopefully this “bidding war” doesn’t get to nasty, and that a merger begins soon. So customers of MetroPCS aren’t wondering what on earth is going to happen with them.

Who do you want to see MetroPCS merge with? I’d like to see them merge with Sprint, and merge their existing CDMA spectrums and coverage together. And combine MetroPCS’ LTE coverage with Sprint. That would jump start Sprint’s LTE rollout a bit more.

Source: Business Week