Featured: Sprint Treating Galaxy S III Owners To Tasty Jelly Beans


There's some good news for our Sprint users today, amidst all the leaks and fanfare surrounding Nexus devices, Sprint has come out of nowhere to begin rolling out their Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III. There's been a lot surround Samsung's update for the Galaxy S III and there has been a number of leaks, the update recently started to roll out all across Europe. Now, Sprint has managed to become the first US carrier to roll the update out which, is pretty good of them really – especially considering how Verizon handle updates on even the Galaxy Nexus. Well done Sprint!

Moving on, the update comes with everything you'd expect from a Jelly Bean update and comes with some extras bolted on to the existing build of TouchWiz. Some of the highlights from the update include:

  • New live camera and camcorder filters: warm vintage, cold vintage, black and white, sepia, color highlights (blue, green, red/yellow) which will help making photos look even better, I'm sure!
  • You can now pause and resume whilst recording video which makes post editing a lot easier or unneccesarry altogether.
  • There's a new low-light mode in the camera, which will help produce stunning results in the camera whilst taking HDR photos and more.

Sprint have done a real good job rolling out the update before anybody else, whilst it seems trivial it's going to mean a lot to Android enthusiasts out there that have spent a lot of money on a phone – they're going to expect that it gets updated swiftly. Let us know how you got with the update – if you already have it – in the comments!