Featured: Shadowgun – Deadzone Enters Closed Beta, Open Beta Coming Soon

October 5, 2012 - Written By Justin Diaz

We’ve been teased enough with the awesomeness that Shadowgun:Deadzone has to offer us. Making its initial appearance at CES last year, almost every shadowgun fan felt the overwhelming power of cool drape over them like the cold of a dark winter night in December. At least that’s how I imagined it myself when I was pretending to play it. BOOM HEADSHOT!!!!!!! Repeating things like that helps me get my head in the game.

Shadowgun has been praised over and over for its award winning graphics and gameplay, sporting nothing short of amazing in both of those departments. Powered by nvidia and optimized for devices housing a Tegra 3 chipset, the game looks polished enough to make you shit your pants in disbelief. Playing a game of this caliber on mobile was astounding. I just couldn’t believe it was possible. The only thing missing from the original game was a multiplayer mode. Enter Deadzone. The multiplayer deathmatch style gameplay mode for those who need to frag others and just can’t get enough of that feeling you get when you know you’re making someone rage quit.

As of now, Madfinger games is holding a closed beta that is currently accessible in the Czech Republic only, hence the moniker Private beta, but fear not. They have also stated that an open beta will be available soon to users in other parts of the globe. The US is slated to get the release in the next couple weeks. So we won’t have to wait long before we get some of that sweet on the go multiplayer action of our own. The even better news is that the closed beta is being received very well and that means when it hits the US shores we can expect a similar or even better testing experience of play, which will ultimately improve the game even more. As the bugs get smoothed out, and the beta testers live up this dream of a game, the anticipation can only climb higher. Are you guys just as excited as I am for this to open up for more beta testers? I have been personally waiting to play this since I saw the official announcement last year. It is the reason I wanted a Transformer Prime tablet so bad.

The US open beta will free to all and will be available to download from the Play Store. (Don’t forget that while this beta will be open to all, you must own a Tegra 3 device to participate) The reasons for this are to ensure the best possible play experience when the official full game is released for all. This may upset a few of you from the get go, but just remember that MADFINGER is doing this to make sure we all have the best possible online experience. And that… is reason enough to gain them respect. I can’t wait for this game. I’ll be counting down the days till the open beta hits the US!!! Who’s with me?