Featured: Samsung Takes A Stab Back At Apple With New Arguments


The Samsung vs Apple fight is far from over and Samsung recently made an opposition to Apple's permanent injunction of their devices. The South Korean company prepared some new arguments and isn't about to let Apple just get away with more and more.

Samsung has had two months to prepare something and this is what they've come out with:

  • Apple is making a large effort to stifle lawful, fair competition and among their references, pointed to Steve Wozniak's opinion on the recent court case where he said that he didn't agree with the ruling.
  • While Apple says they want to preserve rights of patent holders, with the injunction/s, they really just want to limit consumer choice. After all, Samsung represents a threat to their business as the number one manufacturer of Android phones.
  • Samsung argues that the D'087 patent is no longer in practice and hasn't been used since the iPhone 3GS which is no longer being sold. Also, the D'305 user interface design patent that has a missing row of icons. Infringement of Apple's trade dress is still denied by Samsung.
  • Samsung has redesigned and modified their products to stay away from infringing Apple's patents and designs.

There's a longer write-up over on FOSS Patents, but this pretty much covers Samsung's arguments. Both companies aren't going down without a fight and with things just heating up for a round two, it's going to be yet another nasty battle.