Featured: Samsung Pushes Out Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update To More Countries


Samsung has been rolling out Jelly Bean updates to its flagship Galaxy S3 for the past couple of days. We previously reported that the update was being pushed to Unbranded Galaxy S3's in Europe and now more Unbranded Galaxy S3's are joining the Jelly Bean party in certain European countries and Middle Eastern Countries as well. Some Asian countries are also included in the roll out.

Below is the full list of countries receiving the Jelly Bean update for Branded/Unbranded Galaxy S3.

  • Austria (T-Mobile)
  • Germany (T-Mobile, O2)

The update for Unbranded Galaxy S3 belongs to the following countries and regions.


Asia: Pakistan, Afghanistan,Mauritania

Middle East: Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, UAE

Northern Europe: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Iceland


So go ahead and connect your device to PC and install the update via KIES or you can also check for the update notification through your phone Over-The-Air, whatever suits you.

Looks like Samsung is on a roll now and wants to update their flagship device to the latest iteration of Android as quickly as possible because Android Key Lime Pie OS announcement is highly likely at the Google PlayGround event on October 29th.

What are your thoughts?