Featured: Samsung Possibly Bringing Foldable Touchscreen Device to Market in 2013


Samsung have been bringing us innovative devices for quite some time now and thanks to their prowess in the screen technology field, they've got a lot of scope to bring some really unique stuff to the market. When we think of "foldable" devices, we could think of Sony's Tablet P from last year but, the thing about the Tablet P was the fact that the two screens were separate and left a lot to be desired. Even with an update to Ice Cream Sandwich it was still a strange device that didn't quite serve a clear purpose.

Samsung's rumored upcoming attempt at the concept will feature no gap between the two displays and offer a seamless transition from two folded screens to one large screen. The device is said to be called the Galaxy Q and has some rumored specs that look something like the following:

  • Samsung's Exynos 5250 Cortex-A15 processor – Dual-Core at 1.7Ghz
  • 8 MP rear-facing camera and a front-facing camera at 2.0MP
  • 2GB of RAM
  • A Gamut of storage options
  • Super AMOLED HD DUAL Display, 5.3" Foldable Display at 1280×672

Of course, the interesting thing there is that the display is a foldable Super AMOLED panel. I'm really exciting to see what Samsung could do with the technology as we haven't seen something like this for quite some time from anybody just yet. I'm fairly certain that we'll be seeing more of this from Samsung at next year's CES, as masss-production is said to start very soon.

[Source: SamMobile]