Featured: Samsung Owns 25.7% of US Mobile Market

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comScore recently published survey results of their recent research of American mobile market share for three months up to August. This survey clearly showed that Samsung is still the king of mobile market in US with 25.7% of market share and Android being the top mobile OS in the country with 52.6% of the share. Other manufacturers include LG on 2nd spot with 18.2% of the market followed closely by Apple with 17.1%, Motorola 11.2% and HTC 6.3% of market share. Although, these figures include both smartphones and dumbphones (Feature phones).

Android has 52.6% of mobile OS market shares with iOS on the 2nd spot with 34.3% followed by BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian, respectively. The survey had nearly 30,000 consumers, so these numbers do show the current state of the mobile market and how each platform holds up against each other.

Looks like we should be happy with the numbers as both Android and Samsung are on top of the heap. Even LG has better market share than Apple but that’s strictly because of Feature phones and LG comes nowhere close to Apple when it comes to smartphone market, unfortunately. Let’s see if the recent launch of iPhone 5 can change the numbers for Apple and bring in more customers for the company.

What are your thoughts on this study? Do you think these numbers reflect what you usually see around you?