Featured: Samsung Increases Wireless Charging Production

October 24, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner


Wireless charging is a thing of the future and there are a lot of mixed emotions about it in the Android Community. However, Samsung seems to feel a different vibe. It has been said that Samsung Electro Mechanics is starting “mass production” of these wireless modules for smartphones.

The modules aren’t out on the market quite yet but, it can be said it won’t be too much longer.  The Samsung Galaxy SIII already has been the lucky device to have this incorporated in but, I would suspect all new and future Samsung devices as well. So now that we know Samsung is increasing production, let’s dig a bit deeper into how wireless charging can help us.

Wireless power is said to have a less demand in power, but can eliminate the need to have to worry about batteries. A research agency by the name of IBM says the wireless charging market should be at 4.5 billion by 2016. So what makes wireless charging so special? An anaylst gave his thoughts on it saying:

“This is one of the technologies that has a lot of prospects in various markets. It’s not exactly a green technology, but it’s something that can help mobile devices become more energy efficient and more green and sustainable.”

Since this is such a new technology I can’t really say anything good or bad about it. I do have my doubts though, don’t get me wrong as everyone would I’m sure, but I also have pros for it. If Samsung is increasing production that has to mean something! Or maybe this one action could be what kills Samsung (yeah, right).  What does the community think? Will wireless charging be the way of the future for smartphones? Share your thoughts with us!

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