Featured: Samsung Galaxy Ace Gets AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, CM10 Kang


If you're a serial flasher like us then you know how difficult it is to choose one custom ROM to flash on your device. There are plenty of options, good ones. You can not make up your mind whether to go with AOKP, or CyanogenMod build or maybe the famous tablet/phone hybrid ParanoidAndroid. Although, one recognized XDA member has made it easier for the owners of Samsung Galaxy ACE. He's gone forward and created a mash-up of the 3 popular ROMs, CM10, AOKP and ParanoidAndroid.

The ROM has been dubbed as PAC (Paranoid, AOKP, CM10). The ROM brings all the goodness of Jelly Bean from these ROMS to your outdated Galaxy ACE giving it a new life. The ROM combines different features from each ROM to give it a unique experience. The Dev has posted some screenshots and FAQ to guide users on how to use the ROM and take full advantage of all its features. There are a few bugs that need to be fixed but nothing major, minor glitches like Camcorder force closes, tethering fault and HQ video playback is a bit problematic, everything else works like a charm.

This ROM gives the users an opportunity to experience what it feels like to use the top 3 ROMs all together. This is the perfect Custom ROM for Galaxy ACE that doesn't offer much features in the Stock ROM.

If you have one ACE laying around then do give this a try but do note that flashing/rooting is dangerous and may render your device useless, Here's the official PAC thread.