Featured: Sales of Sony’s Xperia Tablet S Halted Due to Risk of Water Damage

October 5, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

The latest tablet from Sony hasn’t been out for that long at all and yet the company has already had to halt sales because of a hardware issue the company has discovered with the display on the device. The Japanese company has discovered that there are gaps between the screen and the case that could leave the tablets at risk of water damage. It’s unclear if this manufacturing defect effects all devices that have been sold or just some of them. Either way, Sony has not recalled any of the units already sold. Out of of the 100,000 devices already shipped Sony has said it will fix any of them effected by this fault.

Whilst it’s never good to hear a company having problems manufacturing a device it’s encouraging to see them work on making things better before there are close to a million owners out there with broken devices. The defect is said to be caused by the Chinese company that are building the tablet for Sony. I’m sure that Sony will have worked out a fix before long and that production as well as sales of the tablet will continue. It’s a pretty good tablet as well, with a good compromise between screen resolution and size at only 9.4″ whilst still packing a decent 1280×800 resolution.

Whilst it goes without saying, if you have an Xperia Tablet S, then try not to get it near water too often and if you do face problems concerning the tablet’s display then you should get in touch with Sony.