Featured: Rumor Says that Amazon Wants To Buy Texas Instruments' OMAP Division

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Last month we heard rumors that Texas Instruments was looking forward to tapping in different markets and shutting down their Mobile Chip making division, that we know as “OMAP”. However, Texas Instruments quickly issued a statement clearing the rumor that they’ll not be shutting down mobile chip making business although looking into new fields was still part of the plan.

Well, today according to The Next Web there are new rumors surrounding the company again, these state that Amazon is trying to buy-out the mobile chip manufacturing division of Texas Instruments. All of Amazon’s Kindle devices are powered by a TI OMAP chip so this rumor’s chances of becoming a reality are slightly higher. On an unrelated note, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is powered by the same TI OMAP chip as well, that’s a bit odd considering Samsung always uses their own Exynos chip for their high-end smartphones.

Texas Instruments is at 5th number when it comes to mobile chip making companies while Qualcomm sits at top with 48% of revenues on mobile processors. This shows that TI is not the main player in this field but still a buy-out by Amazon may help the company get back in the game and work its way up a few spots in the list.

Amazon’s decision to buy the company is still not official and we have no confirmations by any inside sources either. Still, it makes sense if Amazon actually wants to buy the company that way Amazon will be using their own hardwares in their Kindle devices and the highly anticipated Kindle Smartphone as well.

What do you think of this rumor? Do you think Amazon should buy out TI?