Featured: On T-Mobile? Want a Galaxy Note II? If You Have $370 You Can Have One On Contract

October 24, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

It’s no secret that smartphones on T-Mobile are usually a little more expensive than other carriers but the recent launch of the Galaxy Note II on the network really takes the cake. On T-Mobile the latest phablet from Samsung is now available for a ridiculous $370 on contract. This now overtakes Samsung’s Galaxy S III on the network as being the most expensive handset. So, you can have the phone in either Marble White or Titanium Grey for the ludicrous price of $369.99 on a 2 year contract. Whilst this is hardly surprising it doesn’t make it any better either, let’s face it, the Galaxy Note II is an expensive phone. It’s pricey on Sprint at $299 coming tomorrow and AT&T November 9th for $299 as well as Verizon for $299 all on 2 year contracts.

This is certainly not going to help T-Mobile’s cause any, after all, consumers are more than ever led with their wallet. Some people won’t even consider the Galaxy Note II at 300 bucks but if they’re going to get it they’re not going to T-Mobile for that price unless Unlimited data is truly a must but, with a poor network like T-Mobile’s I doubt that many people will be rushing to the website to get this.

There is some good news however, if you’re quick, you can secure the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Note II on Wirefly.com for $279.99 so, get it whilst its good!