Featured: Nexus 7 16GB Goes Out Of Stock in the Play Store

October 29, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

In a turn of events that is wholly unshocking and something we saw coming the 16GB version of the beloved Nexus 7 has become out of stock at the Play Store just like its 8GB little brother. We’re unsure why this has happened, especially considering that people looking to get a Nexus 7 in the last few weeks have been told to wait for a 32GB version or already have one. However, we presume Google are readying a price drop. Which certainly is something we wouldn’t want to rule out as stores both in the US and the UK have been slowly cutting prices, a sure sign that either a permanent price drop is coming into place or there’s new stock of a new model coming in to replace it.

I doubt that the 16GB version is going to go away as it’s pretty much the sweet spot for a 7″ tablet and with Google seemingly phasing out the 8GB model, something has to stand in for it and the 16GB would be a good fit for the $199 price point. It stands to reason that if Google were to drop the price of the 16GB model then it might given a new model number and something in the Play Store would need adjusting to reflect this. However, at any rate, the Nexus 7 is certainly a product that is here to stay and model revisions are something that are going to be commonplace especially if the price is going to get any lower.

It’s a shame that we won’t have our answers later on today, thanks to Hurricane Sandy the event has been cancelled. Thanks, nature. If you’ve been unlucky enough to get caught in the storm then our thoughts are with you!