Featured: New Update for Dead Trigger Brings Halloween Goodies

October 25, 2012 - Written By Dilawer Soomro

Halloween is right around the corner that means costumes and candy for kids and adults alike. Depending on your taste in gaming, it could also mean hours of horror Zombie-slaying gaming marathons. Madfinger’s hit title “Dead Trigger” that was previously made free because of high piracy rate, has been totally revamped with a new Halloween themed update.

This new update brings a whole new Halloween twist to the game, new zombies with pumpkin heads, a new cemetery arena and best of all they’ve reduced the price for the mini-gun – I’m still not fond of in-app purchases. In addition to all these things a new crossbow weapon has also been added to the weaponry that comes equipped with ballistic arrows that go boom.

The update is now live and you can get it right now from Google Play for free. If you haven’t already played the game then you are missing on a lot of action and zombie-killing fun. What better time is there for some Zombie slaying action than Halloween? Go ahead and download the game from Google Play and let us know how you like the new update.

Check out the teaser below.