Featured: New Patent for a Smart Watch to Go with Those Google Glasses?


Okay, here's my theory, and hear me out on this one. I think Google is trying to move away from search and completely focus on clothing and accessories instead (and automatic cars, of course). We'll have Google Glasses soon enough. A new patent filed by Google points to a smartwatch. Soon, we'll have shoes that'll do the walking for us! (Google, I would be interested in those shoes, by the way.)

While the company may not be completely shifting towards apparel anytime soon, Google did file a patent for a smartwatch with a flip-up touchscreen. Of course, Google isn't the first to come up with the idea of a smartwatch, and this device would seem to share some features of other watches. You'll be able to see notifications from your Google apps, like new email messages received and that sort of stuff.

The difference with this device is that the transparent flip-up screen would allow actual access to your apps (not just notifications), and it would also allow you to access data for an augmented reality view. Like Google Glasses, this could be helpful if you're trying to find your way around. (And, at least the watch wouldn't be on your face, so you'd be a little less conspicuous.) By recognizing landmarks, the directions could be even more instructive – especially since street view for Google Maps will be on smartphones soon enough.

More than just a GPS device, the watch would also serve as a way to some online price comparisons while you're out shopping. Are you getting a good deal on that car, that purse, that book? You'll know in a couple of seconds.

So, until the automatic shoes get here, Google's smartwatch could be a real boost towards staying connected at all times.

Is the watch meant to be a device used in tandem with the Glasses, or is Google hedging their bets in case people don't want to wear sci-fi apparatuses on their faces? We'll have to see when the devices hit market.

Source: Mobile Magazine