Featured: NenaMark Reveals More of The LG Nexus

LG Nexus Photo2

The jury remains out on whether or not the leaked device we saw break recently really is the fabled LG Nexus but, whatever it is, there’s a little more info on it now. When the device hit the scene right out of left field from a Belarusian forum, there was references to Nenamark benchmarks. Phones like this are always benchmarked and even the manufacturers do it in order to gage how they perform and whilst they can’t be trusted for real-world figures, they certainly give us more info when we need it.

In the case of this mysterious LG device the NenaMark results confirm the phone as packing the Snapdragon S4 Pro thanks to the listing of the Adreno 320 GPU, the S4 Pro being the only SoC to pack that currently. As well as some more info on the CPU there’s a confirmed resolution of 1196×720 which is code for 720p with soft keys, which makes a whole lot of sense for a Nexus device as there’s no way that Google would release a device without them now.

You can check out the results yourself by heading over to NenaMark and hitting up the Results page, do a quick “find on page” for “mako” and you’ve find a device running “JellyBeanMR1” said to the Maintenance Release 1 of Jelly Bean. Since we know that the codename for the device is Mako I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more results coming out of Internet’s woodwork over time. It’s not all that long until we should see an official announcement from either LG or Google – maybe even both – if this device is indeed real.