Featured: Motorola Shames Google When it Comes to Android Updates


We were all excited back in 2011 when Google acquired Motorola Mobility. One of the many countless thoughts that ran through many minds of Android lovers was, UNLOCKED BOOTLOADERS! Since the merge, bootloaders have been unlocked, however carriers are the ones who can decide to lock the bootloaders *cough* Verizon *cough.

Since Google and Motorola merged we all thought we would see great things coming from Motorola, however this has not been the case. My mind is boggled as to why. It get worse folks. Motorola had told users that by "the end of quarter 3" all devices would be updated to the newest version of Android ICE CREAM SANDWHICH!! Ummmm, yeah the newest version is now Jellybean and it is now quarter 4. So, what happened to the updates here Motorola?!

So Motorola's resolution? They re-configured their "device software mapping" process, which has now left many devices stuck with no updates at all. Leaving poor users currently on Gingerbread. Gingerbread, my gosh, that is so old it's hard to remember what it even looks like. Tell me something Motorola, how is that pleasing the customer? How are you gaining the trust and loyalty of the consumers here? You aren't winning any favors here. The only thing you are winning is a spot right next to HTC in the bankruptcy pile. I"m sure they wouldn't make it that far of course however, there are quite a few moto lovers out there who really enjoyed their Droid 3, Atrix 3G, and Photon 4G. Well, I can vouch for the Droid 3 users, but the other two I"m not as familiar with. These devices will actually NEVER see Android 4.0. So folks who have these devices, if you were hoping for an update, I suggest you figure out some other financial means to upgrade because there is no upgrade coming.

For those devices are still within the update schedule, want to know when you get your updates? Not until the year is almost over, which puts Motorola at the second company to release updates a YEAR after the official update has been released. That such a shame. I would have expected so much more from Motorola. This is all speculation of course, so it could even longer given the current track record of Motorola, but do not quote me. Maybe Motorola will throw out some surprises.

My last point I am trying to make here is, how exactly does this make Google look? I would have to say pretty bad. I have to wonder how Google feels about it? It sends a bad message on to others seeing as Google merged with Motorola for one specific reason. So far they have not delivered. So if Google can't deliver what they promise, which is the full Google experience, why should anyone else have to?

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