Featured: Motorola Has Suddenly Pulled Their Apple Lawsuit Over Seven Patents

In Android news that'll make you go hmmm, it seems that Motorola has decided to pull their ITC complaint with Apple that was filed back in August. The lawsuit in question was over seven different patents. To give you a quick recap, basically Motorola Mobility (which, as we know, is owned by Google), wanted an import ban on just about every device that Apple makes from the iPhone to the iMac.

It was a pretty tall order overall and many of us who've felt that Apple's moves as of late are a bit ridiculous, cheered on Motorola and their efforts to give Apple a taste of their own medicine. Unfortunately, that seems rather short lived. The reasoning as far as Motorola pulling the complaint could be a number of different things. For one, maybe there was some sort of issue with their complaint that they realized just recently that could negatively affect the lawsuit.

Also, maybe their patents don't stand up to their findings and justify a slew of Apple products being banned from the marketplace. Or, maybe Apple's CEO Tim Cook challenged Motorola Mobility's CEO to a boxing match and Dennis Woodside chickened out. Either way, we don't really know for sure.

The reality of the whole situation is that Apple has a lot going in their favor. Although, to say that Motorola is pulling away from the fight completely might not totally be the case. Chances are, they could just be re-assessing the strength of their patents, their claims, and re-strategizing before coming back for round two of an epic battle. Of course that's what many hardcore Android fans are hoping for.

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