Featured: More LG Nexus 4 Leakage – Carphone Warehouse Listing SIM-Free Price £389, including both Black and White Models

October 25, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Today we’ve seen plenty of leaks of the Nexus devices we are due to see on Monday from Google. This morning Carphone Warehouse leaked the Nexus 4, and pricing with contracts. We also saw the Nexus 10 manual surface. Now we are seeing Carphone’s pricing for the SIM-free version of the Nexus 4, and that the device comes in both Black and White. The device is listed as £389, for us American’s that’s about $628 with the current exchange rate. So it’ll be close to $700 to get it in the States, hopefully it’ll be on the Play Store next week.

Now the image above could be faked, but it is kind of hard to fake that type of image. First of all it’s an internal image, and if you look at the window in the taskbar it says Carphone Warehouse, of course it also looks like they are using a very out-dated version of Windows. But let’s hope these hoaxers are done messing with us Android geeks for a while.

The leaks from Carphone Warehouse this morning are being called “fake” by many people on Google+. With this Nexus season being filled with the most hoax’s we’ve seen in a while. It could quite possibly be fake. But we will know next Monday when Google hits the stage in New York City.