Featured: Moborobo Bringing 2.0.7 Update: Ringtone and Wallpapers With It


A lot of you out there more than likely already use Moborobo to get your Android phone talking to your PC. For those of you that don't – you really should – it's essentially a way for you to manage your Android smartphone from your PC. It's always been puzzling to us that Google doesn't offer something like this and, sure, you can argue that you don't need it but, for those of us who want that piece of mind and ease of use, Moborobo is a perfect companion. If you're not familiar with what Moborobo can offer you then take a look below:

  • Manage your apps and games
  • Comprehensive file management in one place
  • A complete contact backup system to your PC
  • Access call logs and messages
  • Send messages from your phone through the application
  • Live streaming and screenshot capture

The application has been around since last year and with each update it gets better and better. With the new 2.0.7 update there are some added features as well as another coat of polish. Moborobo have added the ability to download ringtones and wallpapers through the app, by teaming up with PandApp.com and MMOSite.com. As well as this you can manage your files and folders, manage your apps and have a complete contact backup system all through one application.


With the Moborobo 2.0 update the company aims to have a complete resource management system for Android users looking to manage their smartphone. From apps and games to ringtones and wallpaper the new version of the popular application will cater to all needs and do so without leaving the comfort of your PC. Moborobo is only going to get better and better when developers join the content management, with a powerful search engine and a vast number of users already it's a good opportunity for app developers and users alike.

This isn't the only application that Moborobo offer for Android, they've got a range of products, from their video player – Mobo Player to their own launcher in Mobo Launcher. If you want to learn more about these applications you can visit their website here.