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I've never been one to be against applications like Google Wallet, but it definitely needs some serious attention before I even think about using such an app. I say this for a few reasons, one is  around this area it's not often you see the mobile payment device to use, and it's used VERY seldom in my area, which frightens me because not a lot of people use it yet. This includes companies and businesses.  Also, Google Wallet or any other digital payment system for that matter isn't exactly talked about in high amounts. It's more about the app itself then people actually using it. I would be interested to find out from our readers who actually uses Google Wallet on a regular basis, and if it's a common thing in your local businesses.


Osama Bedier Vice President of Google Wallet has shared his thoughts on the whole "Digital Payment" system at the Global Internet Conference in San Jose on Friday. He said:

"Everyone is expecting change to happen in weeks or months, but it will take time. We will have Mobile Payments."

The fact the VP notices the low use of it, just encourages my thoughts that until it's more popular and widely used I won't be using a mobile payment system anytime soon. Bedier went into the apps further by stating:


"There's room for more than one player. There's a lot of ideas and not a lot of problems being solved. Credit cards already work pretty well if all you have to do is payments."

I have to agree with this. Credit cards and debit cards are still widely used today. It would take a huge move to get people to stray from the idea of this. I"m not saying the mobile payment system isn't that, but it definitely needs to be marketed more. I would like to see more businesses using the system as a form of payment. Until this happens, I can't really see apps like ISIS and Google Wallet really going far.  Bedier agreed with this by stating that "mobile payments will have to either save time, save money or both." I hate to say it, but from a consumer standpoint it's the truth. Unless it does something for replacing my debit card I"m not feeling motivated to go to something like Google Wallet.

Once near field communication (NFC) is adopted it's going to pave the way for a lot more in the "logistics chain." So, what is the estimated time for this all to get into motion? It could take up to a year or more at least. What does Osama Bedier think?


He feels that "half of transactions" will go to the mobile payment system "within fives years." The disappointing part was he released no statistics on what Google Wallet does now. He just stated:

"The numbers are compelling."

Not exactly a statement that is motivating me any further. Google Wallet is still up and running and being used, but giving out statistics and numbers wasn't anywhere is Mr.Bedier's agenda. One of the main hurdles is the fact that cellphone carriers won't support Google Wallet. As recently covered, Verizon and AT&T are supporting ISIS by marketing the Incredible 4G LTE update with ISIS system. So who supports Google Wallet? Just Sprint as of right now, which is honestly sad to see. Bedier also commented on this situation saying:


"We haven't yet seen eye to eye on a mobile wallet solution. So far, they have said they want to do their own thing and we respect that."

Ah, I think this is where all of us may agree that respecting this decision should be null on Google's part, as many of us want to see more carriers get involved in the Nexus program. Look at the excitement and news that has been flying around recently. It's been more interesting to read all of the possible "manufacturers" then just one specific.

In conclusion, mobile payment systems are slow, and it could be quite some time before it starts to "boom" into popularity. How does the Android Community feel?



Source: AllThingsD

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