Featured: LG's Third Quarter Figures for 2012 Are Out; How Many Android Have LG Sold?


The company that everybody seems to either love or hate at the moment have released their figures for Q3 of 2012 and there's a little breakdown in order to see how well, or how badly, the company are doing when it comes to Android and the smartphone space. LG shipped 14 Million phones, which was up 9% from the previous year. Shipping is, of course, different from selling. LG's profits were $19.42 Million which really doesn't that impressive at all but, when they don't have such a presence in the US, it's hardly surprising.

When it comes to how many Smartphones the company shipped however, they didn't official announce such information which is certainly a strange move but, one that makes sense. Samsung's flagship, the Galaxy S III, hit 10 Million units sold in just 2 months and a further 2 months after that they were at 20 Million units sold – makes LG's 14 Million shipped a little small doesn't it?

It's certainly bizarre that the company didn't disclose how many of those phones were running Android but, the Associated Press – an ironclad source – has revealed that LG sold "more than 7 Million smartphones in Q3". It's a fairly paltry number when you think about it but, at the same time, I don't think we'll be seeing this LG next year. I have high hopes for the company and with the Optimus G and the upcoming LG Nexus I think the company are poised to rise to the top of the Android market. Especially now that there HTC seem content on playing the same game they always have done – having different phones on different carriers as oppose to the one-phone-for-all that Samsung has been successful with. The Optimus G is poised to launch on both AT&T and Sprint which is certainly more than HTC can say for the One X. I certainly hope that LG think on these figures and make an effort to become a force to be reckoned with in the States.

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