Featured: LG’s “Nexus 4” Spotted in Carphone Warehouse Inventory

October 10, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

It looks like there’s no way, no how to stop these rumors flowing from wherever they seem to be coming. Which is, just about from everywhere at this point. The latest in a long line of leaks surrounding whatever this LG device becomes is something that carries quite a bit of weight. It’s what looks very much like an Inventory Listing for Carphone Warehouse, a chain of mobile stores here in the UK. As you can see from the image that was passed to The Verge recently there is a clear listing of a “LGNEXUS4BLACK” which could pretty much confirm a Nexus device from LG. We’ve been hearing rumors of devices with differing numbers after their name ever since the Nexus 7 hits and it would certainly make a lot of sense for Google to release something like this.


One of Android’s greatest strength’s is choice, you can choose from a variety of devices, depending on whether you want a smaller device or a larger device or devices with keyboards and all of these are on different carriers. Having the Nexus program offer a spread of different devices will definitely highlight this choice. For me, this seems to be the best piece of evidence that has surfaced so far because the Carphone Warehouse were a big seller of the Nexus S and pretty much the only place you could get it here in the UK. The chain has a big interest in Android as well and offer a whole range of both smartphones and tablets so, it’d make sense for Google to push the device to this chain. Whether or not we see an LG Nexus any time soon is something we can’t be sure of however, it certainly looks like evidence is mounting in its favor.

[Source: The Verge, Image Credit: The Verge]