Featured: LG Nexus to Cost Just $399 from Play Store and Be GSM-Only; Coming October 29th


There's been so much floating around an LG Nexus already that I feel like it's been on shelves for months. Of course, this is thanks to masses and masses of rumors, photos, benchmarks etc. Today's latest in the LG Nexus rollercoaster of rumor is its price and availability. There's also a lot of info swirling around suggesting that this entry from LG may become the "Nexus 4" which would make a lot of sense as the Nexus 7 is not only successful but incredibly easy to relate to people and through marketing.

Bytenow are being told that the device will be sold through the Play Store which isn't a surprise but, the price tag of only $399 for an unlocked device packing all this power certainly is. However, it's said that to get the price down the models will be shipping with only 8GB of storage and no microSD card slot which sounds far too 2009 for my liking. Can you imagine running out of space on your phone regularly? No more new music, no more videos. Sure, Google Music and YouTube are brilliant but add that to the fact that the device is said to be GSM only and come with no LTE and you won't get to enjoy that much of the internet on the go.

The source said that this  "will not land on Verizon Wireless," and that Verizon Wireless "may never carry a Nexus device again" thanks to how poorly they managed not just updates to Jelly Bean but simple 0.0.1 upgrades to 4.0.3. I can't say I see this surprising either, it's clear that Verizon's strategy is not to have a Nexus but the best phone and subsequently control this phone as such, I don't think Verizon will miss the Nexus but, Google will miss Verizon.


It's been rumored that the device will be available from October 29th and considering the low price and nature of the device I question whether or not we will see a big announcement from either LG or Google. It'd certainly be nice to see what the two parties have to say on this new partnership but, we'll just have to wait and see.

[Source: ByteNow]

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