Featured: LG Nexus Pre-Order Page Live at Carphone Warehouse UK; Color Us Unsurprised

Well, you've really got to hand it to LG and Google here, the LG Nexus 4 has been the worst kept secret from Google for some time now. Of course, we go through the same thing every year - there are always leaks and there is also a lot of info before we actually get anything official out of Google or their partner. It was the same with the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S before it and now, we have the LG Nexus 4. It feels like an old friend already! So, the only thing left would be to see how much it will cost and when we get our hands on it, something I thought we'd have to wait until next Monday to find out but, it looks like Carphone Warehouse in the UK has a different idea in mind.

Their pre-order page for the LG Nexus 4 has already gone live for all to see and buy. With this comes some more features of the device that - surprisingly - we didn't already know! The latest Nexus is said to come with a "360 degree" camera of which there are no other details on unfortunately. The details that have been leaking over the last few weeks have graciously been confirmed as well. The S4 Processor is confirmed, NFC and more interestingly "Jelly Bean" is listed as the software version at launch, making 4.2 all but a dead cert of being another version of Jelly Bean and not the Key Lime Pie we're all holding out for.

Unfortunately, there is only an 8GB version listed, with no word of a 16GB or above model which certainly raises some questions: whilst the prototype that leaked out had 8 onboard we'd think that Google would have more sense to sell a phone with next to no internal storage, especially with the upcoming 32GB Nexus 7. Let's hope that this is just the version for Carphone Warehouse and the real, 16GB version we all want will be available from the Play Store.

As for pricing, it's available for "free" on O2 contracts starting from £31 a month for 2 years however, there's no price listed for an outright SIM-free purchase, making an American price difficult to work out. Let's hope that not only a 16GB version arrives but we get hold of more info when it comes to pricing.

Update: The Verge has obtained evidence to not only suggest that the phone will be available in black and white but that the phone's SIM free price would be £389.95, I won't be doing a conversion to dollars because that's not how things work when it comes to pricing but, this is certainly steeper than I - a UK resident - had in mind.

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