Featured: Jelly Bean Update Growing for Unbranded Galaxy SIII in Europe


Unbranded Samsung Galaxy SIII device owners in the UK can now expect to start receiving an update to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean as Samsung ramps up the update process across many European nations. O2, a major wireless carrier in the UK, announced that the updates would begin for their users starting October 19 and would be available through Kies or by auto-update, and now just a few days later unbranded and unlocked phones are getting the same update.

In addition to the rollout in the UK, Samsung is pushing the update across the continent. Android Police reports that today the following nations are eligible for the update:

  • UK unbranded
  • Switzerland unbranded
  • Luxemburg unbranded (update: supposedly, Belgian S IIIs use the same version too)
  • Denmark (Three)
  • Bulgaria (Mobiltel)
  • Romania (Cosmote)
  • Ireland (Meteor, Vodafone)
  • Czech Republic (O2)
  • Sweden (Tre)
  • Croatia (Vipnet)

The Christian Post reports that there have been no problems so far with the rollout, and it will continue as scheduled. Last week there was an issue with the O2 rollout which delayed the update for some users, but has been reported to no longer be an issue.

Users who receive the updated OS should expect a few new eagerly await features, including Google Now, expandable notifications, offline voice typing, and much more.

Sources: The Christian Post