Featured: Jelly Bean to Hit HTC One Series Starting This October


It's been a funny time for Android updates this year; Jelly Bean has been the incremental update that we thought it would be but what we didn't expect is for Samsung to be so good at their updates. This isn't to say that Samsung was lightning fast or anything but, when compared with any other manufacturer right now they're leading the pack when it comes to Jelly bean updates. We've heard a little from HTC but today, alongside their announcement of the HTC One X+ they've revealed that the Jelly Bean update for the One X, One S and One XL will begin to roll out later on in the month.

Typically, we've seen HTC bring added features to simple OS updates on their phones and this time around it appears to be no different. With the Jelly Bean update comes an update of Sense to Sense 4+. Which seems pretty ominous to say the least but the whole update should bring the following:

  • Jelly Bean 4.1.1 – That means Sense and Project Butter together at last!
  • HTC's new "Get Started" web portal launching with the One X+
  • The two new modes for the camera: Sightseeing for quick launch and Self-portrait for retouching.
  • HTC Watch 2 – that brings YouTube and other streaming services under one umbrella.

HTC have also said that whatever features from Sense 4+ that don't require hardware from the One X+ will be available on these devices. However, it's also worth noting that the One V is absent from this list of confirmed devices making it look like HTC is all but down with the low-end market. However, I can't see HTC leaving any of its other devices stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich and whilst there's been no word on the update for the states I don't doubt that they're working on something right now.

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