Featured: Is Your Android App Easily Discovered?


Marketing your Android app requires a multi-faceted approach that often includes pushing your app out for review to journalists and strategically placing your advertising dollars in online marketing programs. Finding a solid return-on-investment can be difficult and frustrating, but a part of the picture that you may not be considering could be playing a large role in your frustration. What are you doing to make sure your app is visible and easily found by those customers who are actively searching either for your particular app or something within its genre? Let's look at some ways you can improve your apps visibility and help drive potential customers to make a purchase or download.

The Marketplaces


So your customer heard about your app, or maybe they read a review online and thought it sounded like the best thing since sliced bread. Maybe they just though it sounded interesting enough to keep it in the back of their minds for a while. Either way, they eventually decide they'd like to give your Android app a try. Where do they go? There are a few places, and you need to have a presence in as many as possible.

Many customers will start right at the marketplace, especially if they're veteran Android users: Google Play, Amazon Appstore,  Yahoo AppSearch, or one of the smaller app markets. Do you have a presence in multiple markets, or did you think you could be content just placing it in Play? Remember, the more access to your app, the more likely a customer is to make the commitment. People lose interest quickly, and if they can't find your app right away they're going to move on fast.

Make sure you have a quality write-up of your app in the marketplace as well. Did you develop the next greatest stock-market research tool? Did you make sure that the description of your app sounds like something that is going to change the life of the user? Or did you simply write "Stock-Market Research App, V1.01" because if you did you might as well give up now. For starters, hire a competent copywriter and stop trying to pretend like you know how to market. Second, make that person write the most fantastic description of your app imaginable.


The other place they might try is their preferred search engine. OK, Google. How are your page rankings? Not just for your individual apps, but also for your developer website and third-party reviews? SEO is key, we've been force-fed that for years and it still holds true.

Social Media

There's very little chance that you forgot to think about social media, unless you've stopped paying attention to the zeitgeist for the last ten years. Social media has transformed the way that you interact with customers, potential customers, reviews, complaints, and every other aspect of communication. Do it right, or otherwise you might find yourself buried in a landslide of bad publicity, or even worse pushed to an irrelevant corner of the twittersphere.


Social media is a difficult beast to tame, and working it the wrong way can have disastrous consequences. Make sure you interact on a regular basis with your social media followers, and not just by throwing out another reminder to download your latest product every day. People don't want that, they get enough of that spam without you pushing it as well. People want to interact with the developers in a real and meaningful manner. Answer their questions, open up about the development process, offer some giveaways, and in general make it a fun and rewarding experience.


This aspect of the marketing process cannot be stressed enough, and yet many developers rely solely on a word-of-mouth campaign or social media interactions. Developers must start to understand that pushing a product requires more than one avenue of approach, and start utilizing all options at their disposal. Reviews come from three primary sources; Android News and Review Sites, social media, and customer reviews in Google Play.


Providing advance or free copies of your Android app to the right parties can make all the difference in the kind of press it receives. That doesn't mean you should expect a glowing review of your app just because you passed out some free copies, but by providing your app to people who write about them for a living you have greatly increased the chances that it will at least gain some coverage.

Customer reviews are the core of the process, and like all others, Android users can be fickle. You'll find reviews that make absolutely no sense, and barely apply to the app you developed, but don't be discouraged. The number one thing you can do to help guarantee some positive reviews is to actually generate a quality product. Besides that, make sure you provide excellent customer service and respond promptly and in an informative manner to any customer complaints or questions.

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The first thing you need to do is make a quality app, there's no substitute for that when it comes to marketing your product. Many people forget that aspect, especially people in marketing who think you can pass off any piece of garbage as the next great thing with a little market wizardry. The sad part is that they are right, but it's a short-lived glory. Customers will quickly realize the truth, and the results can be disastrous for you and your company. Following the information outlined here makes for a good follow-up to your great design and getting a great app review.