Featured: Is Viewdle the Missing Piece for True Facial Recognition Android Devices?


What could the Android platform do with a deep integration of facial and gesture recognition? Viewdle looks like a pretty impressive system making tablets (and other tech) function more like Xbox Kinect in terms of its motion capabilities, but it's the facial recognition software that could make for easy sharing of devices around the house.

Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD are already using the feature of multiple sign-ins on tablets. Imagine how much simpler and quicker it would be to tie those multiple accounts to facial recognition!


Here's the tricky bit about all of this imagining of the future for the Android platform. Motorola was actually the one to acquire Viewdle. So, does Motorola play nice and open up the software to all of the other Android manufacturers, or does it use the new service as a way to exclusively lure more customers? (Motorola did have some significant layoffs not too long ago!)

I have to be honest. If Motorola did keep it for themselves, I would be tempted to go with their devices for the convenience of sharing my tablet with my wife and my son, both of whom have radically different usage patterns from one another and from me. Not only that, but I would want to create a few more safety measures for my son, who's still quite young.

What do you think? Would a tablet with facial recognition software and multiple account capabilities affect your purchase decision for a tablet?



Source: CNet
Image Source: Viewdle

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