Featured: HTC's Droid Incredible X Gets Green Light from Global Certification Forum;Could Hit Verizon Soon


For a long time now we've been hearing rumors of a 5-inch device coming from HTC and some of us were thinking it would become the One X+ however, that turned out to be a fairly disappointing device. Perhaps with this entry to the Incredible line they'll finally have a decent device for Verizon's network. Of course, the Droid Incredible 4G is a fine device for those of us that aren't wanting a massive 4.6" and above phone ruling our pockets. It certainly wasn't however, the promise of the One Series for Verizon and fell short pretty badly.

The Droid Incredible X is a device that might change all that though and could well be the rumored 1080p packing superphone Verizon customers are craving. The device that has just gotten certification from the GCF has the model number of HTC6435LVW which carries the "VW" at the end, hinting Verizon Wireless support. In the listing as well was radios that support Verizon bands making it more and more likely that this is heading to Big Red.

In terms of specs though, a certification won't bring us any more info, unfortunately. Rumors state that we could see a Snapdragon S4 Pro device with a 5" 1080p display. It's interesting – not surprising however – to see HTC stick with Qualcomm's chip on Verizon instead of bringing Tegra 3 and LTE together as they're doing on AT&T with the One X+. This is probably due to Tegra's lesser support of LTE, after all, it's taken this long to see a phone packing the two together. Whatever happens though, I'm sure HTC will want to bring a quality device to the nation's biggest carrier because, at this point, I don't they can afford not to.

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