Featured: HTC One X+ Shows Up in UK Ready for Purchase, U.S. Pre-Order Starts

October 12, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner


Amongst all the LG Nexus talk, we need to fit the fact the HTC One X+ has been spotted! Not long ago the this devices was unveiled, and I have to say I like the design of the this device, but the “One” series for name branding has gotten old. It’s a wonder why HTC is falling down hill. Aside from that, the HTC One X+ has been shown to be available in the UK through Expansys. However, if you look at Expansys for the USA they only have it available through pre-order. It is priced at $699.99.

There is no way to find out just exactly when the HTC One X+ would be shipped out to U.S customers, so if you are really itching to get this device in your hands, feel free to purchase through the UK Expansys. You will have to dish out a bit extra for shipping though.

Let us go through a quick recap of the HTC One X+. It will be featuring:

  • 1.7 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3+ processor
  • LTE equipped
  • 2,100 mAh battery
  • 64 GB of internal storage (no microSD slot)
  • Built-in amplifier for audio enhancement
  • Android 4.1 with HTC Sense 4

Wow, 64 GB of storage! I would expect the fact there is no microSD card slot is why the storage amount is so high. I’m not sure what I would do with so much storage. I don’t even use a huge portion of storage space on my Galaxy Nexus.  How do Android readers feel? Is this a good device? Could it put HTC back in the smart phone market? I would really like to see them get back into the game. Let us hope HTC can finally deliver to consumers World Wide.


Sources: Android and Me