Featured: HTC Launches A New Service To Set Up Your HTC Device

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HTC has rolled out a new service to help their not-so tech savvy customers to easily set-up their new HTC devices running HTC Sense 4+. This new service doesn’t require any additional downloads and works directly from the webpage, it is dubbed as “HTC Get Started” to get you started with your newly bought device. You can set-up your device easily by following step by step instructions.

This service allows users to set-up third party applications as well like DropBox, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail (a.k.a Outlook), etc directly from the web portal making it easier for people who are not good at typing on a touchscreen. Setting up all these accounts directly from the computer saves a lot of time and hassle.

This service not only lets you set-up accounts only, you can as well set-up widgets and looks of your device directly from it. You can set widgets and choose from among 8 different widget themes for your device like Family, Games, Music, Photos, etc. This will enable users who are new to the Android scene to explore the beauty of the Android world by setting up widgets on their device.

Although, You need an internet connection on your phone to make these changes take effect. So, when you sign -in using your Sense account all these settings will be automatically pushed to your device. At the moment only the recently launched HTC One X+ is supported by this service but soon the whole One series will be added to the roster.

What are your thoughts on this service? Do you think Google should do something similar for their Nexus devices?