Featured: Heard Enough of the LG Nexus? Here Comes More Pictures and SIM Card Tray

How long has this phone been out? A few weeks now? What, it's not even out yet?! Oh, sorry, it's just that I've seen so much of this phone already that I could have sworn it was already released. Joking aside, it's getting closer and closer to the supposed date that Google and LG are apparently going to be launching the LG Nexus, which could become the Nexus 4. Word is that we're all going to have to wait until October 29th to see this device get a full release but, in the mean time a Russian website has gone into some more detail and shown off even more of this 'elusive' device.

The website has taken a whole new set of pictures for us all to look at and has detailed some more important details. For instance, the website has been so kind as to take a closer look at the SIM card tray and it uses the same sort of design as the iPhone and takes a microSIM as well. Whilst this is hardly surprising it's a little strange to see a Nexus device become a fully closed unit like this - especially with the ease of getting extended batteries for last year's Galaxy Nexus.

The team also decided to take the LG Nexus' camera for a spin and the results weren't all that bad, not fantastic but they certainly seem like accurate and crisp representations of what you're taking a snap of which is, really, the best you can ask for in a phone. There are more sample images in the galley.

When it comes to the display of the phone, Tech-onliner.ru went into detail and discovered that the 4.7" HD IPS Display featured the same in-cell touch technology that Apple touted with the recent launch of the iPhone 5. The Russian site also confirmed that was indeed 8GB of internal storage with no room for a microSD card and that the device was running Android 4.1.2 which all points to a very early unit to us. I don't think that Google will release an 8GB Nexus but, after the Nexus 7 and how successful it's price point has proven to be, anything could happen. You can take a look at the rest of the images in the gallery below. We can only hope that the LG Nexus is launched with more storage and of course, a new version of Android however, whatever it might be I'm sure Google and LG will have something for us come the end of the month.


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