Featured: Google’s Mobile Webpage get’s a Slight Redesign

October 10, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

If you’ve used Google’s mobile website at all, then you know it’s interface doesn’t really match that of the desktop version of the site. That’s before today. Google redesigned their mobile website to have a hidden drop-down list of it’s apps on the left side, as shown in the pictures above. This replaces all the links to images, groups, etc., that used to be shown along the top of the page horizontally.

Now it’s not particularly a huge update, but it something pretty useful. I know when I use Google’s mobile website that I get annoyed by how ugly it looks. Mostly because I’m a User Interface type of guy. But this new version of the site will make you much happier to use it. It should also be a bit faster to load.

So far it looks like the redesign isn’t quite available in all countries. So if you go to google.com on your Android device and you don’t see the updated interface, don’t worry you’ll get it soon. If you do see the update, you do you like it? Is it better and easier to use than the old homepage?