Featured: Google TV Adds Google Play Movies, TV Shows and Music

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If you’re one of those not-so-happy owners of the Google TV who thinks that Google has been neglecting this platform for long then Today we’ve got some great news for you, courtesy of Google. There is a new update headed your way that will allow you to buy content directly from Google Play like TV shows, Movies and music. This is the most desired feature that Google should have added since the launch of this product but at last it is here, better late than never.

Now you can go to Google Play directly from your TV browse content and media and buy them with a Credit card, everything directly from the comfort of your living room or wherever you put your TV in. The update also brings subscription based billing and smart app updates to the device. You can as well buy content on any other Android device smartphone/tablet/PMP and have it waiting for you on your Google TV when you get home. There are still some features that are not included in this update like continuing a movie from the part where you left it on another device but that will be added soon with the next update. This feature is already included in other services like Netflix, Hulu, etc

According to Google, the update will start rolling out from today over the next couple of weeks. So, don’t panic if you don’t receive it right away because the update will be rolling out in phases and you might get it a bit later but you will surely get it, sooner or later. If Google keeps adding features like these in the Google TV platform then it could definitely become the hottest TV evice in the market.