Featured: Google Play’s Developer Console get a Makeover!

October 15, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner


For anyone who’s a developer, the Google Play Developer console is something you are familiar with, maybe a little too familiar? Just because you are a developer doesn’t mean that Google tosses you all aside and completely forgets about you. No, No, they remember you more than you realize. How do I know? Back at the I/O conference Google had mentioned some changes that would be “coming soon” in regards to the Developer Console.

Today is that day! It has been made available for use starting right now, so if you haven’t checked out your console I suggest you go do it this very minute! Once logged in you should be able to find a button labeled, “Try the New Version” and Wal-la! You get to experience the new console goodness! Now even though you get to take this new console for a test drive, not all the bells and whistles are working. Some features you will have to revert back to the old console in order to use. Those features would be:

  • Multiple APK support
  • APK expansion files
  • announcements

Okay, now we got the old out-of-the-way, what are the new features? We are dying to know right? The first big change is the UI has been totally re-designed. It should also have a much better “load” time without the number of apps affecting it. That is always a plus right developers? Here’s another big one, wait for it, wait for it, USER RATING STATISTICS revamp! Yay! Considering I have not been on the developer side in a year or two, I”m sure that’s stretching the excitement of present day developers. This new user rating UI can track:

  • Average ratings over time
  • Average New User rating every day
  • Sorting and filter capabilities

Now that is impressive, right? I’m sure you all jumping with excitement. App publishing has also been touched on. You have the option to start with an” APK or just an app name.”  The ability to save UNFINISHED apps before publishing is also a feature available. I like the sounds of that one! You can also see the differences between an old version and the new version of an app! That could be an important tool for developers. Adds some extra, “Okay, am I sure this is ready to be published?” kind of security.

Adding 49 languages for your apps and having Google do the translating for you. I love that one because who wants to read something in Chinese when you are American? Not that I”m knocking anything, but I just don’t have the time to learn 49 different languages. Let Google do it for you. Like Google doesn’t already do so many things for us.

So make sure you check this new console out! Even if you’re not a developer just give it a look and see the tools and resources Google provides for our developer community. You just might be impressed.


You can take the Developer Console preview  >>HERE<<


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