Featured: Google-inspired Motorola Phones Still Months Away


We as True Android fans have been confused about Google and its acquisition of Motorola. First of all, we wanted Motorola to finally get its act together and start implementing the same strategies for their line of Android devices as Google uses for their Nexus devices. Lastly, we would like to see some Google inspired phones by Motorola that come with Stock android experience and receive software updates in a timely manner. However, recently Google has talked on this issue and made it clear that Google inspired devices by Motorola won't be coming until late 2013.

There are several factors why this process takes so much time and why all the devices that are released by Google-owned-Motorola are still the same as if Motorola were still an individual company. A hardware manufacturer like Motorola has a product pipeline that you can't just terminate and start dishing out new devices, it takes time and by time we mean more than 6 months at least. So, before Motorola releases some really Google-ish devices into the market they have to clear the pipeline that will take from 12 – 18 months, says Google. During the Google earnings call, CFO Patrick Pichette stated that:

"We're really pleased with Motorola's progress in its first 150 days. As indicated in our public filings, our team has made a lot of operational changes, we harmonized and narrowed the product portfolio, [undertook] streamlining of software operations, and we scaled back the markets in which we operate. But that said, we're just at the beginning of the Motorola-Google story, and we should expect, as I mentioned before, results from this segment to be quite variable for quite a while yet.


Remember that we inherited an entire product pipeline where hardware business cycles are typically 12 to 18 months."

So, any person with at least two brain cells will understand the reason behind Motorola not releasing phones with Jelly Bean and Stock Android skins. The Google led phones by Motorola will be arriving in late 2013 if the statement by the CFO is to be believed. We're curious to see what Google and Motorola have planned for the future and if Motorola will get the chance at delivering the Next Nexus device.

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