Featured: Gmail on Android Will Have Swipeaway and Pinch-to-Zoom Functionality


Android Police has video today of exciting new features coming soon to Gmail for Android devices. Before we jump in, it should be noted that some details about availability of these new features have not been determinded. For instance, when these updates might come out or if they are only going to be available for Android 4.1 / 4.2 users is still unknown.

What we do know is that this version of Gmail allows users to swipe email messages offscreen to easily delete or archive them, and users will finally have a way to zoom in on their email. Check out how it works in the video below.



Pretty rad, right? Take a closer look at the functionality displayed in the video with the images below. The first row of screenshots shows you the new swiping motion in action.

Note: Select any image below to see the full-size screenshot.

Gmail 4.2 screenshot 1


Gmail 4.2 screenshot 4

Gmail 4.2 screenshot 5

As you can see below, the swipe motion can be configured to allow users to delete the message immediately or to get the option to archive or delete every time you swipe. Apparently, the default setting is that your message will be archived if you swipe from the inbox, and the message will be deleted if swiped from the archive folder.

Gmail 4.2 screenshot 2


Gmail 4.2 screenshot 3

Google even added in the feature to easily report phishing.

Gmail 4.2 screenshot 6

Gmail 4.2 screenshot 7

Again, no word on when these features will go live, but they look pretty amazing. The pinch-to-zoom aspect of Gmail has been sorely missing for far too long.


Source: Android Police