Featured: Gingerbread Still Ruling the Android Figures whilst Ice Cream Sandwich Gains and Jelly Bean Still Trailing

October 2, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Every time there’s a new release of Android it takes a long time for that version to become anywhere close to being the majority. Google regularly update these numbers for the world to take a look at and they’ve arrived right on top. The pie-chart below is how the numbers ended October 1st:

Ice Cream Sandwich has made a jump from 20.7% to 23.7% which is only a good thing but it’d be better to see that number a little eye, as would it be to see Jelly Bean higher than 1.8% but to say that it’s only been available on a handful of devices and out since the end of June it’s not doing all that badly. An important figure to note is that Gingerbread’s dominance has waned but only a little, to 56% down from 57.5% last month. Making it still the biggest share of the pie. Something that manufacturers should be curbing with updates.

With the holiday season coming up and devices coming with either Jelly Bean pre-installed or devices getting the upgrade, the Jelly Bean figures should continue to grow or at least, we certainly hope so.