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If you owned an early generation gaming console, than you've heard of or probably even played a Rayman game. Rayman, alongside many other games from that era were how I spent many of my early Saturday morning and all the way into the afternoon. It goes without saying that I was quite pleased to see one of my favorite series from ubisoft from back in the day make his way onto Android. Rayman: Jungle Run is a lot like most of those games from back in the day, Sonic the hedgehog, Rayman, and Echo the dolphin. Continuous movement on a 2-D plane to ultimately get to the end of level while having to dodge enemies and grab every coin or gem you could to rack up points. Varied obstacles and plenty of hidden secrets kept things fresh.

 Rayman Jungle Run hardly deviates from this style of play, as the name clearly states, you will play as Rayman and must run through the Jungle and collect coins along the way till you reach the end point. More coins equal more achievements, which equals full completion. Think about three starring your angry birds levels. This throwback to the platform style gaming days of yesteryear is sure to get you pumped and reliving those moments from your youth. That is... unless, you were one of those losers that played outside as a kid. If so, kindly hang your head in shame. We forgive here at androidheadlines gaming community. The first step is admitting you had a problem.

You will discover new worlds and obtain new abilities to help you through each level as you progress. The game is not without is looks either. Rayman Jungle Run sport some pretty lush graphics, which is exactly as I expected of a ubisoft title of this magnitude. From now on, let's all refer to a game's level of awesomeness in the form of magnitude. It just makes it sound that much more epic. Say it with me... MAGNITUDE!!! On top of the nostalgic gameplay and up to date gorgeous graphics, you can rock out to what the Play Store calls "captivating Music." I don't know if this is how I would describe the soundtrack to this game. It's not bad persay, I just wouldn't refer to it as captivating. We're not talking about a once in a lifetime performance from Justin Bieber here, it's just a video game. What... You got a problem with Bieber???!!!!

So far the game seems pretty top-notch. Definitely first-rate status from ubisoft. The touch based controls of the game are easy to learn, and make no effort to keep things difficult for you as you get further into the game, exuding a keep it simple stupid method to controlling the limbless hero. All in all I think this game is definitely worth picking up. It'll set you back a few dolla dolla bills, (or if your outside the US, *please insert correct currency here*.) but trust me it's worth it for the fun. For the most hardcore of gamers, ubisoft even made wallpapers available for your customizing pleasure as a reward for completing levels with a certain rating. Kind of a fun way to keep players interested. Especially if you're a huge Rayman fan. If you're thinking about "running" over to the Play Store to pick this up, you'd be making the right choice. I know, I know, my puns are terrible and cheesy. Too bad, live with it. If you happen to appreciate the nostalgia this game will bring to the android gaming platform, then feel free to reminisce in the comments with me below. *oh the 90's*

Play Store-Rayman Jungle Run

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