Sponsored Game Review: Wonderlines


Puzzles are a strange part of gaming, part simplicity and part addiction. They're the type of game that you know you might not neccesarily pick up but, once you get into it, you're going to be their for hours. Something else about puzzle games is that despite how simple they can be, they can be done really poorly and unless the developer has decided to put the effort in then it's not going to be a good product at all. With Nevosoft however, it's difficult to say that they don't put the effort in. With their latest game, they've given us their take on the classic puzzle game of lines, Wonderlines. Read on to find out if it's wonderful or not.

Description: Essentially, what you're getting with Wonderlines is a simple puzzle game that asks you to put three or more balls, of the same color in a row. This sounds really quite simple however, it's focused around removing brown squares from the blue board. There are some added features of the game that make it a little more advanced and will really have you thinking in no time. If you want a closer look at the game, watch the trailer below:


How it Works: There's not a lot to when setting up Wonderlines to get started on your puzzling quest, all you have to do is go ahead and install from the Play Store and you're ready to go. After that you're ready to be puzzled – see, I did it again! The game is really quite easy to play and thankfully enough, Nevosoft have put in a tutorial as well, making it real easy to get up and running. Essentially, all you have to do is to tap on one color of ball and then tap again where you want it on the board. This seems really simple when you first start to play…

However, it quickly gets a little trickier as the game begins to inform of all the other features that are going to be thrown at you. For instance, small balls on a square indicate that color of ball is going to form there soon. Making you have to think about how best to take advantage of how to complete a level.



Then come the extras, in the forms of bombs, diamonds etc and these also affect the game board. For instance, the diamond will lock on to a color and then destroy all other colors the same on the board and the bomb will match to any color and explode, taking balls out around it. These extras really add a great dynamic to the game and force you to use your head a little better than you would do.


The game gets slowly harder and harder until you have to think quite quickly indeed. In true Nevosoft style though, nothing is left to become too repetitive and you'll be crossing an ancient desert on your quest to complete all the puzzles. It seems like a trivial ideal but, it really does help to make the game more accessible.



  • Speed (4/5) – Whilst this is still a puzzle game, pacing here is good and not too slow to make you bored at all.
  • Features (4/5) – Wonderlines comes with some brilliant twists on a classic puzzler and they're all for the better.
  • Theme (5/5) – If there's one thing that Nevosoft are capable of is making a good looking game, Wonderlines is no exception and graphics here make a puzzle board look better than ever.
  • Overall (4/5) – If you like puzzlers then this is the game for you and it certainly ticks all the right boxes, if you're new to puzzlers then this is still a great jumping on point.


  • Great gameplay makes this hard to put down and certainly makes for some interesting combinations.
  • The tweaks made to Wonderlines are well worth it and add, rather than take away, from the experience.
  • Nevosoft have done a brilliant job of making a classic feel just that, classic but, in a very modern way.


  • The 4:3 Aspect doesn't look all that good on a phone display.
Conclusion: I've always had a soft spot for puzzle games and this one has been no exception. Wonderlines is great fun and genuinely gets your head thinking, trying to find the best way to conquer a level. The added extras like the diamond are brilliant as well, adding a new way to conquer levels quickly and efficiently. If you're new to puzzles games and want something a little more relaxed to play on your phone or tablet then this is a great candidate and has all the things you need to have fun whilst keeping your brain in gear.