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Quite often when we go to play a new game on our Android phone or tablet we just want something a little more calm and collected. No on-screen controls to get in our way and none of the fast-paced action shooters carried over from the consoles. What we want sometimes is a nice, casual game to get drawn into that requires little input from us but is brilliantly enjoyable. Nevosoft have been providing games that are perfect for this for some time and now, they're back with their latest: My Kingdom for The Princess.

Description: If you've ever played a game from Nevosoft before then you'll know what to expect but if you haven't then let's start with the sort of story you'll be dealing with. One day, Princess Helen went to visit her Uncle Sigmund and whilst she was there a tornado struck the kingdom and destroyed all in its path as well as waking up the terrible Firemouth. This evil dragon needs to feed upon 37 people before he lives the Kingdom in peace. If things weren't bad enough the Princess' father has been struck by lightning! You take on the roll of a young Prince who must escort the Princess home whilst restoring the Kingdom to its former glory.

How it Works: It's a quick and simple download from the Play Store to get up and running with this latest game from Nevosoft and then you're off on your adventure. Whilst playing through the game you'll be tasked with clearing paths, building farms and bringing the Kingdom back to life, take a look at the trailer below to see more:


With this being a Nevosoft game there's a polished storytelling to the game that starts right from the get go with wonderfully drawn storyboards with voice overs in the background. This helps to bring the story of the game to life and should encourage you to do well in the game.

You're tasked with bringing the Kingdom back to it's former glory in order to impress the Princess and fight back the evil dragon, Firemouth.


Along your travels you'll start off with simple tasks of cleaning up the Kingdom and gathering resources to do more. It's quick and easy at first but it's sure to get harder as you go along.


The more time you spend with the game the more things you'll have to in any one level, they start off as small, simple maps but, they soon get complicated and complex the more you play.

After each level you're presented with the view of your Castle which slowly fades in an out, showing you what you're working your way towards. Each time you complete a level a new piece will be added to your Castle.


Opinion: I've enjoyed Nevosoft games before and whilst it's easy to say that all they produce is simple object games, it isn't true. My Kingdom for The Princess once again shows the developers versatility in bringing good quality casual games to Android users everywhere. The game develops quickly to a complex mix of adventure game come city builder, it's a great balance and the underlying story really fits with the fairytale setting used throughout.


  • Speed (4/5) – Easy to set-up with good pacing throughout ensures a good experience.
  • Features (4/5) – Nevosoft have the taken the best from a number of different genres and bought them together to form something really good.
  • Theme (5/5) – With a brilliant opening cinematic and strong fairytale visuals throughout this will please a whole lot of people.
  • Overall (4/5) – With My Kingdom for The Princess Nevosoft have bought another classic to Android and it's certainly going to be something everyone can enjoy.


  • Visuals are once again stunning and the storytelling is brilliant as usual.
  • With varied gameplay it's hard to find something not to like.
  • Fairytale setting will ensure that children and adults will find something to like.


  • Some of the beginning levels could be considered too easy.
  • Tasks can become repetitive.

Conclusion: If you're looking for a good game to play whilst killing some time or perhaps something to play with the kids then this is the best you're going to get. Nevosoft have been bringing out games like this for some time and it doesn't look like they're going to stop any time soon. With varying mechanics and a brilliant story worth telling this is one of their better titles to date. You can go ahead and get your hands on My Kingdom for The Princess here in the Play Store.

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