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Last month we reviewed Dragon Kingdom, another game in a long line of games that have you put your strategy hat on and think about you're going to get things don however, Dragon Kingdom did so with a good amount of flair. If you're a fan of Dungeons & Dragons and numerous RPG games making the rounds these days then Dragon Kingdom is right up your street. Last month we took a look at the game as a whole and there's been some added extras to the game that improve upon the original. Which is what we're going to take a look at here.

Description: If you're not familar with the game then you can check out our first review here. In a nutshell, Dragon Kingdom is a game that fuses a lot of genres together, it's a bit of everything that all have something in common and the developers have put them together for one game. There's huge elements of RPG games here, as well pages from the MMORPG, city-building and RTS play books. This isn't a bad thing as the gives the game a lot of scope however, it could be a little confusing for new players.


So, What's New: Normally in our reviews this is part where we'd go into detail about how to play the game however, we're looking at new features of the game so, we're going to tell you what to expect from the 1.5 Update of Dragon Kingdom. If you're new to the game and need some help, we go into detail in our original review.

Once you've gotten yourself up and running in Dragon Kingdom is the right time to get stuck into the new features of which the following has now been added to the game:

  • You can now recruit legendary heroes for use in legion tavern.
  • Reputation is a new addition to the game, bringing with it the ability to purchase equipment and recruit legendary heroes with your reputation.
  • Legions are greatly improved, you can sign in as well donate to increase the strength of your legion.
  • A hero transfer system is now added – you can transfer old XP etc to new heroes.
  • You can now adjust Watch Towers – change their power and how fast soldiers recover.

If you've been playing a long time all you have to do is go ahead and update the app. If you're just joining Dragon Kingdom then you can go ahead and install the game from the Play Store here.

The new additions add a lot to the game and if you've been playing for some time you now have more than ever to take advantage of. For instance, with the additions made to the legion system you can make your own even more powerful.


You can now transfer XP and growth from old heroes to new heroes, making it a lot easier to experience the game again.

As well as this there are some added features coming soon. For example, there will be an added instance called 'the grave of the Dragon' which is to be more challenging than the 100 Ghosts instance. Before this hits Dragon Kingdom though is an update to equipment which will allow you to enchant equipment, which will give you an added three stats to an item that are randomly generated.


Opinion: I felt that the game had potential the first time around and with these added features it comes to close to realising some of it. I still think that X6 Games have done a good job of bringing big game genres down to the mobile side of life without all of the mechanics getting lost in translation. With the added features such as improvements to Legions and the ability to transfer from old heroes to new heroes you can start to enjoy the game a little better. For new players it presents them with even more to enjoy and take advantage of.


  • Speed (3/5) – In terms of speed, pacing is just as it always has been and it fits the mobile format well.
  • Features (5/5) – There was a lot on offer before but, now, there's even more added to Dragon Kingdom's bow making it a veritable treasure chest for new and old players alike.
  • Theme (4/5) – If you've been playing MMORPGs of games like that then you'll feel at home in Dragon Kingdom with it's mythical setting.
  • Overall (4/5) – Despite new features, Dragon Kingdom is very much the same but this hasn't stopped the game from retaining it's character.


  • Added features have given the game an extra coat of paint.
  • For both old and new players alike there's a lot to love.


  • Questionable dialog and poor support for high-resolution displays holds the game back


Conclusion: Whether or not you've been there and done that when it comes to this type of game, Dragon Kingdom offers something different for casual gamers and those that just find themselves with little time on their hands. With Dragon Kingdom you can vanquish evil on the train or from your armchair, whichever you prefer! It's a great game and well worth a look so go ahead and install the game here.


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