Sponsored Game Review: Bad Piggies


For a long time now, Android has had some pretty good gaming franchises both form here and come to join us however, no one game provided as much medicine to the system as Angry Birds. It was a huge hit on iOS when it launched all those years ago but it was even bigger on Android, it came to our green platform as a free download and amassed ridiculous numbers of downloads. I don't need to tell you all that though do I? We've been flinging birds at pigs for some time now and you all know the score however, this time around you won't be squawking but snorting through this game.

Description:With Bad Piggies, you're put into the hoofs of the pigs this time around and instead of destroying structures you'll be making your retreat away from those rabid birds. In turn, this creates a whole new game mechanic and instead of just flinging things at other things you'll have to use your brain to construct alsorts of contraptions to get the pigs out of harm's way. This being a Rovio game, it still comes with the physics based gameplay you've come to know and love. You've got to think of how your contraptions will roll down a hill or how best to distribute how the weight of the pigs will affect things. The mechanic really gets going the further you get into the game and can become really quite difficult so be on your toes. Take a look at the trailer below to see more:



How it Works: As with all Rovio games it's a simple install from the Play Store and whilst it comes in a number of different versions there's also a free version of the game as well. If you've ever played an Angry Birds game you'll be right at home here and if you haven't well, I don't know where you've been hiding but you're really good at it!

The usual level selection applies here and there's supposedly some more levels coming later in the year however there's plenty to get started with. There's a handy tutorial the first time you load up the game and it's pretty simple to get your head around the controls. Basically, you've got to put together boxes that you can house pigs in together with wheels, billows, umbrellas and more in order to get pigs through a variety of levels.

It gets quite tricking in that if you don't think things through then you can end up with a contraption that isn't going anywhere, even if it does make for a funny fail:

The further you get in the game, the more complex your machines will become and after some time you can end up with some crazy contraptions to get those pigs out of there.


Opinion: Who doesn't love Angry Birds? Of course there are some out there that will totally discount the game as being too simple or childish and to those people I suggest that you haven't given it a chance. With Bad Piggies, Rovio have delivered more of the same with new game mechanics – it's always nice to experience the same atmosphere with different game mechanics as it reflects on titles before it. What Bad Piggies lacks in 3D effects and features it more than makes up with a high level of polish, good sound and great charm.


  • Speed (4/5) – It's quick and easy to get going in Bad Piggies but the difficult levels will slow you down later on.
  • Features (3/5) – Whilst the new mechanic of having to build things is nice I would have expected a little more of Rovio.
  • Theme (5/5) – This has the same level of polish all Angry Birds titles come with and the soundtrack and charm make this stand out brilliantly.
  • Overall (4/5) – We'd like to see more from Rovio but, Bad Piggies brings more than enough to make a great standalone title.


  • A slew of new levels with a whole new twist helps bring fresh air to the Angry Birds universe.
  • Bad Piggies comes with enough to stand on its own and the humor will make you smile.
  • Being able to build escape vehicles yourself is a real boon as there's a sense of accomplishment come the later levels.
  • It's easy to get through a whole hosts of levels as well as experiencing a real challenge as well.


  • We'd have liked to have seen more from Rovio with this.

Conclusion: If you've never played an Angry Birds game – which I can't believe – then this is a perfect jumping on point besides that, it's got enough going for it to keep you busy for some time to come. Add that to the fact that Rovio update their games with added levels regularly and you have excellent value whether you go for the HD version or the standard free version. Physics based gameplay is here to say as it provides flexibility as well as variety. If you haven't done so already then go ahead and install the game right away however, I have a feeling you already have done.